Litter August 2018

This summer will be exciting for us: with Omnia we breed for the first time with a granddaughter of Zara respectively with a daughter of Juno. Omnia is our amiable

"giant baby", she is always in a good mood and is a role model for her little sister Querida. Unfortunately, she is a bit too big for shows to be really successful, so we only did a few with her. However, the future father of this litter is InterCh. & MultiChampion. After a long search (as always ;-)) we have made a perfect choice, in the truest sense of his name ;-)

It is "InterCh. & MultiCh. Kangelani's Perfect Choice "aka Joy. He has proven himself as an excellent stud dog and inherited his balanced, social nature. With Omnia as a mother, these puppies will certainly develop a good character (assuming adequate home). From Omnia's side the puppies get ancestors from Russia, Finland, Australia, Norway, Denmark ......

Joy's ancestors come from Finland, Norway, USA ....

His father "InterCh. & MutiCh. Villagedogs Ka Makana "was born in Belgium, he was an exceptional dog as, among others he won the CRUFTS 2014 as best male. Unfortunately he died too early, killed by a hunter who was convicted for it.

You can find more information about Omnia on our homepage, more about Joy here:


This year, all litters in Belgium start with "R",

which made it very easy for us this time to find a suitable name for our litter:

"RR. what else? "

See also our litter announcement below.

We will gladly answer any further questions you may have about Joy and Omnia personally.

In our breeding we attach great importance to good health and a social character also in dealing with other dogs. Of course, the parents have to fit well with each other in their appearance. In addition, we try to breed with rare pedigrees,

which do not serve the simple "reproduction".

If you are interested in a puppy of this very promising combination, please contact us early.


We barf our dogs and the puppies (raw meat feeding)