November 2015

Juno´s, "Inter & MultiCh. Mkondo wa Simba Juno" third litter was born on 21th November,

there are 6 males and 5 females, the last born female and male (both correct) were stillborn.

One female with 3 crowns.

We want to introduce the third litter of our Juno. Just like with Rebel & Zara or

Juno & Marigold we have chosen a male that is not a champion but has the ability. For example Rebel, who is an InterCh. & MultiCh. And also this time it´s the first litter of this male, but this time he lives in Denmark not in Czech Republic. So again we don´t know what to expect but we are hoping for a healthy and beautiful litter out of "Kuzonga´s Hamisi Aslan".

As Juno´s grandfather his father is from kennel Tarujen,

it´s "InterCh. & MultiCh. Tarujen Mabaru". His mother is "Ch. Kuzonga´s Cirkeline".

Both parents are/were succsessful in shows and as working dogs. Aslan is succsessful in obedience and tracking. At shows he has had some nice placements, but he is shown very rare. There are other famous ancestors in his pedigree: the Australien

"Aust. GrandCh. Rijstone War Lord" or  "InterCh. & MultiCh. Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron" from USA. Juno is InterCh. & MultiCh. and has as well a lot of successful ancestors and good known lines in her pedigree. Neither Aslan and Juno are not a carriers of dilute and DM, therefor all puppies of this litter will be free too. Both are HD-, ED-, OCD-free, have a full scissor bite and Aslan is tested clear on EOAD. In Belgium all born litters of this year are starting with an "O", therefore we will name this litter "omnia vincit amor". It´s Latin and means

"love beats  everything". All about Juno you will find here at "Our dogs".

You will find more about Aslan on the site of his breeder:

For more information you can contact us.
Our breeding program sets a high value on good health and a social character also with other dogs. The parents have to complement one another in their bodies.
Furthermore we try to breed with rare pedigrees, not intended for simply reproduction.

This time the litter announcement is made by myself :-)

We B.A.R.F our dogs and the puppies (raw meat)