Mkondo wa Simba sure RR what else Sirius Star

We're back on the adventure again:

With "Sirius (Black)", Omnia´s first born puppy, our 2nd man emigrated to the USA.

He will have a wonderful life with his great uncle "Zeus".

"Sirius" took off from Brussels and flew via Reykjavik to Seattle. We thank "Skyfast",

the company that looked after him on his flights and did an excellent job.

The answer to our thanks: „We wish him all of the best with his new owner.

We were a bit jealous we couldn’t keep him ourselves”

Diana (ApacheRidge Ranch kennel/AKC) called us immediately after his arrival,

her first words were: "He is wonderful, he is so wonderful.........."

Dear Diana, we thank you for your great trust in us and our breeding!

We are sure that "Sirius" will also lead a wonderful life with you in Oakville, WA

and hope that he will develop as we wish.

"Sirius", the Dog Star, is the brightest star in the sky...............

We’re in love and we think he might be too!

He's very sweet and everyone loves him...He loves sleeping on our laps.

He is eating well and we think happy.

We live next to the Chehalis River. Sirius had a wonderful time. Sirius likes the water.

He is growing like fire.

Sirius is a very good boy and we love his personality. He is so well mannered on his leash, and loves to play and fetch balls.

He is quite the lover boy. He loves toys, sticks, running, laying his head on our laps,

and has a funny sense of humor like Zeus.

We love him! His head is broad and so beautiful. He’s a goofy boy and very sweet.

Yes! Sirius is now a Daddy!

He was bred to our girls from Gibraltar!
The puppies are absolutely stunning with absolutely no flaws!

Sirius is very loving, very goofy, loves to play fetch, and has beautiful babies.

He is a big boy. 120 pounds and very sweet.