It´s time for our individual presentation.
Here we are, all so beautiful.
We have our new collars on and with these our nicknames.

Nr.1, Prins Blauwhart, boy, 440g

Nr.2, Edelrot, boy, 350g

Nr.3, Benjamin, boy, 470g, kinky tail

Nr.4, Edelrosa, boy, 410g, ridgeless

Nr.5, Mrs. Paisley, girl, 430g

Nr.6, Mrs. Piggy, girl, 370g, ridgeless

Nr.7, Edelblau, girl, 460g

Nr.8, Beatle, boy, 510g

Nr.9, Yummy, boy, 400g, kinky tail

Nr.10, Cornetta, girl, 400g

Nr.11, Fraise Sauvage, girl, 500g