MwS stud dogs USA

1) "Mkondo wa Simba Next Generation American Boy" aka "Zeus"
(Joyful Grumpy Helya Ridge x InterCh./MultiCh. Mkondo wa Simba Juno)
OA free, ED normal, HD good, JME, DM clear, OFA eye free

He lives with Diana and family in Oakville, WA.
She breeds under the kennel "Apacheridge Ranch"(AKC).

Pictures and links of him and his kids you can find HERE.

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with our hearts. To be able to experience just a small token of Zeus’ kindred spirit and distinction, one must gaze into his eyes to feel the dignified spirit of who he really is. Even then, without having him watch over you with bravery and boldness on a cold dark night with his ridgeback alertness and protective thoughts about his companion, it is not possible for another to fully understand the love that surrounds this enchanted one."
"He is without a doubt the absolute best dog I have ever had."

2) "Mkondo wa Simba Sure RR what else Sirius Star" aka "Sirius"
    (InterCh./MultiCH. Limon Evita Gyasi of Red Prayed for Amber x MwS ova Omnia)
OA free, HD free, JME, DM clear

He also lives with Diana and family in Oakville, WA.
Kennel "Apacheridge Ranch"(AKC)

Pictures of him you can see HERE.

We are curious about his first litter <3.

"His character is very lovely and sweet. He believes the world revolves around him,

and most of the time it does... His physique is developing very beautifully.

He is going to be the largest dog we've ever had."

Sirius was a huge, beautiful pup. We met him when we picked up our sweet girl last year. He had just arrived. Would love to have a pup of his someday. We love our girl so much. (Lori Coleman)