All our girls and of course the boy have moved to their new home.

Except for a few small problems, we only got good feedback again. Many pictures and feedback can be found at "Litter October 2019". Every baby there now has its own page.

Dear babies, we wish you a long, healthy life with lots of love and treats.




We are pleased to announce Querida's first litter (8th of October) :-)

There are no fewer than 11 females and 1 male born.

Unfortunately one female was stillborn.

Now I can organize many girls evenings for the next weeks ;-)

First pictures under "Litter October 2019> 1. Week"

day 60, we are waiting.........

Today Omnia's "sure RR what else" litter is half a year :-) We have collected many current pictures, see "MwS litters"> "Litter March 2019". Unfortunately we are still waiting for a few ....

Today is day 50 of Querida's pregnancy and we have recent pictures of her at
"Litter October 2019"

And it was worth it!!!
The Ellen Braeckman photo shooting is to see at "Galerie since 2019"

The making of.........
in full commitment of the dogs and my part ;-)
Now we have to wait and see if it was worth it :-)

We had some visitors :-)


Last Sunday me and Querida visited Marc Serneels' puppy coursus,

Suna is registered there. HERE are the pictures.

Kiana has a new family member: “Amar”, have a look HERE.


Today, our J-litter will be nine years old :-)

Congratulations to all birthday children, let's celebrate!

We wish you many more wonderful years in good health.

As Jason looks more and more like his father, Juno just stays Juno ;-)

We have had a health check made with her and she is in top form.

Omnia's babies are now three months old and Mama is back in great shape :-)


We are looking forward to Querida's first litter, take a look at

"Litter October 2019"
In the next time she would have to be in heat, then the adventure starts again :-)

We have wonderful, recent photos of her under "Our dogs> Querida> Gallery" published.

Many thanks to "EB photoghraphy"!

Of course there are also some new pictures of Omnia's babies <3


We have collected pictures of our babies again:

Check out the last litter:-)

And: Querida was with the photographer. Here is an "Appetizer":

(unfortunately we have to wait a little longer until we can publish more pictures)


All our babies are in their new families and have already settled in well.

Herewith we would like to thank all our "puppy owners" for their trust in us and our breeding,

a trust that has been and is repeatedly given to us:

Yes, there are already two MwS´s or a MwS successor in some families. And for the following two planned MwS litters we already have reservations from "good old friends".

We are very happy about that. We are also proud of it,

it shows us that we make many things correct.

There are last pictures at "from week 9" and at the individual puppies from the farewell and from the new home, have fun looking, especially at "SIRIUS".


Exhausting, melancholic, but also happy days lie behind us.

Days of saying goodbye to our babies <3

Today, on Zara´s 12th birthday our 8th baby moved to his new home with Mrs. Lila.

Up to now we had only positive feedback,

but how can it be otherwise, with THESE parents ;-)

All the best dear Zara for your 12th birthday from all of us behind the rainbow <3

You would certainly have been the best great-grandmother you could have wished for <3

Finally there are also some pictures on the individual pages of the babies, which I have recently set up and some last pictures of the whole rattle gang at "from week 9",

have fun watching.


How time flies! The day after tomorrow, the first babies will go to their new loving home <3
A few pictures from the last days of the whole litter we published under the 8th week.
And here the proud breeder:


On Sunday, after a long "baby-show-break" I was on a show with Querida in Rennes

in beautiful Brittany. Meanwhile, "our-all-master" has held the position with the babies

and had everything and everyone under control, thank you !!! <3

Querida started for the first time in the open class and it could not have gone better: BOB !!!

We did not visit the ring of honor anymore as we had a long journey home ahead of us.

And the babies were missed too <3

There are new pictures of the babies, a bit late, but there are many :-)

By the way, that's how the Bretons have a BBQ:  ;-)