Today in Lüttich/BE "YCh. Mkondo wa Simba quinta essentia Querida"
won intermediate class with ex1, became BOS with CAC and CACIB,
BOB with title "Golden Winner" and 3.BOG, jugde was Mrs. Illukka/F :-)

Today in Dunkirk / FR Querida became 2. BOS with RCAC and RCACIB,
judge was Mr. Leenen / BE.
And: today it is already 4 years ago................................................

Today I was at a show in Genk/BE with Querida in the intermediate class: EX1 :-)
Judge was Mr. Van den Bosch/BE
Here some current pics of her at the age of nearly 16 months:


Today you turn already 8 years, you are a veteran now, although you do not feel so <3
Through you I could live on my dream, you have born many wonderful children, three of them live with you at our home. You're the leader of the family, a loving one,

your daughters know that. We hope it stays that way for a long time.

Happy Birthday you dear Juno and with you the whole J-litter.

Whether with mantrailing (with a "hidden" hiding person ;-) )
or coursing or getting dirty, MwS RR´s always cut a good figure.

And here a nice video:

Zarawould have been 11 today

Maylin passed the GREEN B test from K-9 mantrailing :-)

Many new photos at "Gallery since 2017" and "Our dogs>Maylin" :-)

Today our "Lion-litter" turns 6 and our "Magnifique-litter" 5 years :-)
As always: we wish you a happy birthday and many more healthy years!

Our "Magnifique Maylin" trailing, in a Swiss magazine,
she is a real natural:

MwS Rhodesian Ridgebacks: multi-purpose ;-)
"Mkondo wa Simba omnia vincit amor Nelson":

Time for a little update:
Meanwhile Queida won also youth class in Genk/BE.
She and all her siblings turned one year.
There are new pics at Omnia, Querida and Gallery since 2017

"You'll Meet Me In The Light

I know that you can't see me
but trust me I'm right here
Although I'm up in heaven
my love for you stays near.

So oftten I see you crying
many times you call my name
I want so much to lick your face
and ease some of your pain

I wish that I could make you see
that Heaven indeed is real
If you could see me run and play
how much better you would feel

But our loving God has promised me
that when the time is right
you'll step out of the darkness and
meet me in the light."

more at "In Memoriam"

and she did it again:
Yesterday Querida became BOS in Gent/BE, judge was Mrs. Bystrup/DK.
More pics and also videos you can see HERE :-) thank you Inya!

Today "Mkondo wa Simba quinta essentia Querida" (InterCh. & MultiCh. Macumazahn Qwandoyas Top Gun x InterCH. & MultiCh. Mkondo wa Simba Juno) became youthBOB, BOB and BOG with only 11 months! and on top: now she is "Belgian Youth Champion"

Meanwhile, her half sister Kira has proven herself as a watchdog and a scare dog.
With her sonic barking she first scared the burglars and then made them flee.
Pictures of our heroine are available under "Litter August 2014> Kira"

So as Oxmo´s family now also Kion´s family has grown :-)
Pics at "Litter November 2015>Kion"
and there are new pics at "Gallery since 2017"

Today me and Querida were on a show in Weelde/BE
and judge Lepasaar/EE was very excited about her and she became YBOB after beating
4 other youth bitches (all older) and the best youth male :-)

There are many new pics, for example at Nelson, Kinga, Jason, swan neck Coko, Oxmo,
Koda at his new home........... and at our Maylin :-)
have a look

Today I was on a show ("Kerstshow") in Landen/BE;
it was youth class for the first time and Mrs. Vermeire/BE judged her:
best youth and BOS with only 9 1/2 months :-)

And today Zara´s last litter turns 4 :-) Happy Birthday to all of you.
And also to you many more healthy years with much love to come <3

Today our "little" Omnia turns 2! and with her the whole "omnia vincit amor" litter.
We wish all of them a Happy Birthday, have a nice party!
May many more healthy years with much love to come <3

On Sunday me and Querida were in Leuven/BE on a show, her first oficial show
and she did it again: first place :-) The judge Mrs. Wieremiejczk/PL was so excited,
she said several times:" what a beautiful bitch" :-)
Currently Gaia is on a visit because her family is on holidays.
Here are two videos:
I hope the weather will get better to make some nice pics of her.
There are also some new pics at the last litter at the individual babys.
And at Milo>Litter November 2013.