Today our "Next Generation" litter turns three years :-)

We know all of you will have a big party. We wish you love, health, fun, goodies .... forever.

Last weekend Zara and Noni participated in the „ELSA-Club show” and

“ELSA-special breed show”. First day Zara became (for the fourth time) “BISS Veteran” and also “Club Veteran-Champion”. There were 8! other veteran bitches In her group. Noni got ex3, she had to compete against 9! other champion bitches. Unfortunately the rings were too small, so no dog could show it´s true movement :-( The second day both got excellent.

Noni in her family circle:

We were in Germany with Martina Dieken :-)
There are wonderful pics by her at Zara and Querida (Our dogs)
Furthermore there are many new pics at Litter March 2017
Nutty and Nassor are in holidays (Litter August 2014)
and also Milo (Litter November 2013)
Below Martina´s/our Jason, brother of Juno and also seven years now:


Today we received terrible news.

Elfy our Mrs. Orange from the last litter is gone over the rainbow bridge,

she was only 19 weeks :-(

In spite of being vaccinated she died of parvovirosis.

We mourn with her family; for them she was a very special dog,

even though they only could get to know her for a very short time.

Unfortunately our “In Memoriam”-site had to be updated.......

Today we want to present our new family member officially:
"Mkondo wa Simba quinta essentia Querida"
Have a look at "Our dogs", there are many pics at "Querida>Gallery" :-)

Today our J-litter celebrates its 7th birthday :-)
Congrats to all of you espesially to our Juno, multichampion and mother of 45 children.
Like her mother Zara she is always healthy and has a wonderful character.
Last weekend she could proof this:
Me and Juno visited her daugther Maylin in Southern Germany nearby Basel.
Mother and daugther, both recognized each other and played together as you can see at
"Our dogs>Juno>Gallery". We were allowed to participate in a k-9 seminar with following mantrails.......yes, me and Juno had two little trails and we were successful :-)

But Maylin did a fantastic job: she passed two very difficult trails so excellent
that this was one theme at the following seminar :-)
We felt very good at the k-9 Liestal/CH group and found new friends.

Sunday we were in Basel with Ulrike. Juno made many new friends in the tram,
everybody wanted to cuddle her. She was brilliantly, we can´t wish for a better dog!


Our grande dame celebrates her 10th anniversary <3

The last two girls, Elfy and Quira, found their new home last weekend :-)
Now they have their own site at "Litter march 2017".
There are also new pics at "Litter march 2017>from week 9" and at "Koda".

There are new pics of our three little girls at "Litter March 2017".
But there are also new pics at the individual sites :-)

Happy Birthday to all our Lion-Babys and to all our Magnifique-Babys


Time flies……….

It´s already May and the first babies moved to their new families.

As expected all without problems, even with other dogs or cats it works quite well.

They are so great, we are incredibly proud of them. We are also very grateful to have found such great families. Thank you for your trust in us and our dogs and thank you for taking in our babies with so much love and warmth. Of course, as always, we hope for many reports and pictures and for an early reunion :-)

We have already received some pictures and reports from the first day, you can see them under "Litter March 2017" in the new, individual pages.


Yesterday night Juno gave birth to ten little souls :-)

It was an easy delivery: the first eight puppies were born in between 3 ½ hours

and the last two were not a long time coming.

All are as fit as a fiddle and Juno is as always a perfect mother :-)

More pics and information are coming tomorrow.

Today it´s 10! years since Badiri went over the rainbow bridge.
With her our breeding program started, she was unique, is unforgotten <3

Today something different ;-)
Some pics or our offsprings, also of Noni and Omnia.
More pics of both at "Our dogs".

Confirmed by ultrasound: Juno is pregnant :-)