We are planning a litter with Omnia,
have a look at "Litter May 2020"

Today we would like to introduce "Dago",

because he is looking for a new home due to family circumstances.
He is from the "Litter May 2012". He is a healthy, rather small male (40kg)

who has no problem with children or other dogs, whether male or female.

He obeys very well and is also easy on a leash, making it a perfect family dog.

If you are interested in the great guy, write us an email or give us a call.

Here are a few current pictures:

For more pics CLICK:

Our "Sure: RR, what else?" litter is celebrating its first birthday today <3
Celebrate with your families, even if these times are not the best!
Suna, Badu, Sam, Suri, Joschi, Diego, Seth:


We got a lot of new pictures from our last litter, look under "MwS litters> Litter October 2019".

But we also keep getting new pictures of our “older” babies, thank you all for thinking of us <3

Down here for example Jason from Zara's first litter, he will be ten like our Juno this year.    Then Maylin and Kiana with the big little man, she is Maylin's only sister.

Then we have Kinga who talks to the geese ;-) and Sam who lives in Costa Rica.

Last but not least, two descendants of Zeus, all of whom live in the United States.

So it is always worthwhile to browse our site :-)

Stay healthy!


I was traveling with Omnia, look HERE ;-)

I also met Kaya (Ecaille Anunnaki), the father of Juno's first litter.

It's been 7 years and like Juno, he's become a wonderful veteran <3

I also saw the "newcomer", his name is Tony (Hesperus Tony Pro Amiciata),

he's the same age as Sophie and could be a great playmate for her <3

Kaya and Tony and me:

Dear "MwS quinta essentia litter" we wish you
and especially our darling "Querida" a wonderful 3rd birthday <3


Some NEWS have accumulated again:

For example, there are new pictures under "Our dogs> Sophie", the "Gallery 2020" is open ...

... and: Omnia is in heat, a little earlier than expected,

so we are now expecting her second litter in May :-)


Today Querida's babies are four months

and we would like to use this day to introduce our new family member :-)

Her name is "Mkondo wa Simba Soulmate sophisticated Sophie" aka Sophie.

Look under "Our dogs", there she has her own page since today <3


All our girls and of course the boy have moved to their new home.

Except for a few small problems, we only got good feedback again. Many pictures and feedback can be found at "MwS litters>Litter October 2019".

Every baby there now has its own page.

Dear babies, we wish you a long, healthy life with lots of love and treats.




We are pleased to announce Querida's first litter (8th of October) :-)

There are no fewer than 11 females and 1 male born.

Unfortunately one female was stillborn.

Now I can organize many girls evenings for the next weeks ;-)

First pictures under "Litter October 2019> 1. Week"