InterCh. & MultiChampion Mkondo wa Simba Juno

(Inter & MultiCh. Shelridge Aussie Rebel x MultiCh. Aresvuma Zahara Zinara)

Day of birth: 28.06.2010

LOSH 1082063
Breeder: Lawrenz                                                   
Health: HD A, ED-, OCD-free
thyroid normal
dilute no carrier (PCR)
DM no carrier (PCR/parents)
perfect and complete scissor bite
no allergies
64cm, 36kg
DNA profile ISAG 2006

Champ. titles:

Gibraltar Champion

German Champion VDH

International Champion

German Champion Club

German Youth Champion VDH (2/3)
German Youth Champion Club (2/3)
Netherlands Youth Champion(1/3)
Belgian Champion (2/4)

Netherlands Champion (1:4/4) 

Slovenian Champion (2/4)  

Titles: Vice Youth Winner Berlin 2011
Saarland Youth Winner 2011
Jeugdwinster Amsterdam 2011
with "Crufts 2012" qualification
"Cufts 2013" qualif. (Gibraltar)
Ortenau Winner 2013
Vice Leipzig Winner 2013
German Winner 2013
Brussels Winner 2013
Saarland Winner 2014